Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gender Prediction Tests!

So, many of you know we are Team Green this time around! We had our anatomy scan December 10th and we did not find out, nor did we have a chance to accidentally see anything! 

The tech may have very well given away the gender... But we are pretending she didn't say it outside of a general statement to avoid saying "the baby's."

She did confirm, again... there is only ONE baby in there! All those "are you sure it isn't multiple" comments can cease! We've had two ultrasounds showing only one precious little baby!

Everything seems to look healthy with Buck! The tech did not take long, so that could be a good thing. 
I'm dealing with a few "firsts" other than just not finding out the gender! Buck is... dun dun dun... BREECH! First breech baby! So my plans for Chiro work are starting about 15 weeks early! I'll be listening to my Hypnobabies 'Turn your Breech Baby' and doing some Spinning Babies! I know it's incredibly early, but oh well. My placenta is not low lying for the very first time, but it is anterior... which explains why I'm not feeling as much of the movement as I hear on the Doppler! Hopefully it moves a bit out of the way the bigger my uterus gets so we can feel and see all those sweet, playful kicks that I cherish so much! 
I'll get the "final word" from my doctor hopefully before the weekend!

Here is our precious Buck!

So, I've looked up all the gender tests I tried with Miss Bailey and I'm doing them again! I never knew about any gender "tests" outside of Old Wives Tales when I was pregnant with Bentley, so I only have Bailey to "compare against!"

**The Ring Test**
So the Ring Test is fun! You put your engagement or wedding ring, or I suppose any ring! on a string, hold it over your wrist and it's supposed to tell you how many kids you're going have and the genders of them all. 
I did this with Bailey and just now with Buck and I've gotten the same result every single time!

Boy (Bentley)
Boy (Baby July)
Girl (Bailey)
Boy (Buck?)
By this time, my arms are hurting so I give up! But it's been the same every. single. time!

**The Baking Soda Test**
You put baking soda in a cup and pour your urine over it, if the baking soda fizzes very, very little or does nothing, it's a GIRL! If the baking soda fizzes a lot, it's a BOY!
For Bailey: GIRL
The baking soda hardly reacted at all with my urine. 
For Buck: BOY!
The baking soda fizzed like crazy and made a "head" like pouring a beer!

I don't have any pictures of Bailey's Baking Soda Test, but here are Buck's!
It's an incredible difference from Bailey's test! Hers had a few little bubbles and then settled to absolutely nothing! Definite GIRL result for Bailey and a definite BOY result for Buck!

**The Pencil Test**
The Pencil Test is very easy! Just get a string and attach it to a pencil. Stand up and hold the pencil chest high above your belly. If the pencil swings back and forth, it's a BOY! If the pencil circles, it's a GIRL!
Bailey: It's a GIRL!
After many, MANY attempts; it always circled.
Buck: It's a BOY!
 After a bunch of attempts, it always swung back and forth!

**Chinese Gender Prediction** says:
Bentley: GIRL!
Bailey: BOY!
Buck: GIRL!

**The Mayan Chart**
If the year and your age are both even, it's a GIRL! If the one of the numbers is odd, it's a BOY!
Bentley: 21 and 2010 = it's a BOY!
Bailey: 24 and 2012 = it's a GIRL!
Buck: 25 and 2014 = it's a BOY!

Just a few fun gender tests! My vibes say BOY all the way and *knock on wood* I've been right with all of our babies. Either one is perfectly fine with us! We just want a healthy baby!

Until next time, friends

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Remember THIS post?! Well prom was April 12th and it was a blast!

The day started out rocky though, which always seems to be the case when we have a date night or someone watching the kids for whatever reason. Which is hardly at all as it is. 

My friend and I were looking for places to do our hair and in the midst of that, I have a whiny preschooler and a fussy infant who wanted nothing but to be attached to my boob all day. 

So we finally have a hair appointment at Great Clips. I went in optimistically. Hoping and thinking the stylist would be good enough to have a vision and make me look like a million bucks... (I know, big task) So I get this lovely lady, G. Bless her heart. She tried! She worked hard on a hairstyle that was nice but did absolutely nothing for me in anyway shape or form. I felt like a 80 year old woman with a 5 year old hair cut. It just wasn't happening. But, being the kind-hearted person I am, I wasn't going to say anything. As I stood there talking to my friend and her stylist (who also happens to be my friend) another stylist over heard me mentioning how I hate my hair. So when I went to pay, G, informed me that another stylist would be doing my style again. 

So fast forward. The stylist did great. It was a nice style but something I classify as an everyday style. It was honestly just about how I style everyday. I figured it wouldn't cost much so I went with it knowing I would go home and spruce it up and make prom worthy. 

Then I paid $40 for it... That's when things started going sour. 

I was pretty upset. It was anything but a formal style. By the time I even made it halfway home, it totally fell flat. I just wasted 2 hours and $40 on this hair style that I could have done at home for nothing and would have taken me 10 minutes to do. 

So once we got home, I took a fast shower and restyled it to salvage our night. It wasn't very
"prom-y" but I didn't feel like a total loser, so it was a win-win in my book.
Finally we got dressed and headed out to take the kids tn the sitters. 

Prom itself was awesome. The night completely turned aroun and we all had a blast. The guys even danced!

After prom we hit up Applebee's and made a waitresses night and ended the entire night in a great mood!

Bailey only had 2 meltdowns at the sitters and actually took 4oz of milk! She hasn't taken milk for anyone other than daddy once. So that was exciting to hear! Everyone survived and Ben and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary with a bang!

It is now September and we still haven't received our "official" prom pictures, so here's a few from the night and if I ever receive the one taken at prom, I will add that as well.

Until next time, friends

Life Updates: No Poo, Weightloss, Birthdays, Surprises

Man, oh man. It has bee a LONG time since I have posted a blog update. It has been incredibly busy around here and I just see the room spinning by the end of the night. So, I've been pretty neglectful towards my blog. 

So, to start things off, and I'm going to try and be as brief as possible so to prevent this blog from becoming a novel...

No poo... Still doing it, still loving it. Though, unfortunately, I have cheated a few times due to being out of baking soda and vinegar and not getting a moment to run to the grocery store. I can't say I've hated my cheats... But I can definitely tell the difference in volume between what No poo gives me and what conventional shampoo and conditioner fails to deliver. During my cheats, I used Johnson Baby Shampoo - Honey & Apple along with one squirt of Aussie conditioner. I much prefer No Poo, even if shampoo and condition does smell so good. 

Losing weigh while breastfeeding... Is going well! I'm down to 173!! That is nearly 20 pounds since July! I'm starting to see it, but we are our worst critics. None of my clothes fit, that's for sure, they're all falling off these days. Bailey is down to nursing 2-4 times a day, which is a huge change. She nurses once maybe twice during the night and usually once before a nap and once just before bed. She is sleeping better both during naps and bedtime! So losing weight has been a slow, but steady battle and I think I'm finally winning! 

Birthdays... Oh my goodness. Miss Bailey is ONE and Bentley just turned FOUR! I just don't even know how it's possible already. Wasn't it last week we brought Miss Bailey home and Bentley was just barely 3?!? The kids are so amazing. Bentley is in preschool all day, riding the bus like a little man and just being wonderful. Bailey is running around, climbing everything, laughing all day long and is just a bundle full of spunk! These kids are too much fun! 

And now for my last "topic" in our update blog...

Baby #3 is on the way!! May 2015!

This baby was a bit unexpected but we could not be happier! Back in July I had brought my grandma's stud horse to my house to get him ready for Buckskin Congress, so I rode everyday and on August 20th, just two days before my "practice" horse show, I got a positive pregnancy test! I did end up showing, but since I've been incredibly sick and exhausted, we called off Congress. I was running out of time to get our horse ready for such a big show and with the new pregnancy (and anxiety) we all made the decision that it was best to postpone. 

God had other plans. I've always been told "if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans..." We are excited and being cautiously optimistic. I had a rough few weeks with spotting and low progesterone, but with a progesterone supplement, things seem to be going well.

We finally heard the baby heartbeat with my home Doppler on Sunday, September 28th. So now we feel comfortable making if "Facebook official"! 

Here's a couple snake peek pictures from our Family Pictures! We just love the magic that our photographer produces for us!

So there's our life update!

Until next time, friends

Friday, August 8, 2014

3 Month Challenge



I'm very happy with my results! I'm obviously not to my goal, but I've made leaps and bounds because of this 3 month challenge!

Even though my challenge is over, I am continuing with the ThermoFit, Fat Fighters, Greens and Wraps

If you're intersted in starting the 3 month challenge, contact me! You can find me on Facebook with the link to the right ------> or you can email me!! 

Until next time, friends

Oh, Sweet Baby July...

I feel like a total goof for not having this up already. Like I don't love my baby enough, but that's not the truth one bit.

The truth is, life has been crazy hectic and time is passing way too fast. That's no excuse, but a silly blog post is not going to make or break my love for our baby...

2 years ago, Ben and I had a storm roll in. I miscarried our beautiful little baby. The baby we so longed for, the baby we prayed for, wanted and loved so much. It was unexpected and very painful; emotionally. 

If you would like to read Baby July's birth story, go HERE. I will warn you though, it's heart-wrenching and graphic. 

2 years later, here we are. I can honestly say I'm the happiest I've ever been. We miss Baby July so, so much and he constantly visits me in my dreams and other little ways throughout my days; which I'm so grateful for. My only chance to hold my sweet baby for now. Baby July has taught us so much and given is much more than we ever imagined. 

Just a couple weeks ago, Baby July visited me late in the evening in Miss Bailey's crib. This block sits on my desk. It's something I look at every single day. Bailey was playing with it earlier in the day, but I know I had set it back on the desk before bed during our nightly clean-up. My breath was taken away when I saw his block laying next to Bailey. 

Though, 2 years ago, none of what life is like today ever seemed possible. We didn't understand, we didn't want to understand. Life was unfair, I was mad at God, mad at my body and mad at whatever allowed me to be mad at it. July 2012 marked a very dark summer. A summer I wish I could relive in some sense. I feel like I wasn't present, like I couldn't breathe. When I look back, all I see is a blur. I don't remember much and that saddens me... because I had a beautiful little boy who I lived for, but I wasn't really living. Pictures bring back a lot of the good memories from those very dark months, for that I am forever grateful.

Looking back, it all makes perfect sense. Now we have a beautiful Rainbow Baby to hug and hold here on Earth and we have a beautiful Angel watching over us. Now, my tears aren't as frequent when I think about Baby July. I harbor more smiles. I harbor more thank you's than unfair words. I can't explain how time heals and some may say the way I feel isn't right... I miss our baby, I will always love him with every fiber in my body. Baby July holds an empty hole in my heart that will never be full. But because of Baby July, so much was possible. Our beautiful baby girl was possible. This happiness was possible. I rest easy every night knowing our baby is looking down and watching over us. He will never experience pain, suffering, unhappiness, hunger, thirst, illness or aging. I rest easy knowing one day, I will see Baby July again. In a happy state, full of life. For now, all of Baby July's family members who have already passed on get the amazing opportunity to love on our beautiful baby. My dad gets to be with one of his grandkids... Something I have always been thankful for. 

You see, my step-dad raised me and though we had an extremely rocky daddy-daughter relationship, he still stepped up to be the dad my bio-dad couldn't be. For that I will forever be indebted. When he passed on in March 2011, when Bentley was only 6 months old, I was saddened by the thought that, not only does Bentley not get the opportunity to know his grandpa, but my dad doesn't get the opportunity to be a grandpa. 

So, knowing (hoping) that Baby July is being loved on by his grandpa makes me smile. 

Baby July sends me little reminders here and there. I always stop to smile and thank Baby July for being. 

My pictures are few... Unfortunately Baby July's life here on Earth was very short. No ultrasound was done, no heartbeat was heard, but the clearly positive pregnancy tests are a genuine reminder that our precious baby was and always will be. 

A little explanation for these tests... On June 30th I was feeling very uncertain about my pregnancy. I wasn't as worried as I felt normal. I'm a "worry when you're not worrying" type of gal and I typically worry when things are going well and don't worry when things are going bad. If that makes any sense. So, on my way to my friend's house I stopped at the Dollar Store and grabbed a couple tests. I then tested in the bathroom of a Burger King just to make my anxiety go away. 

Little did I know that it would be the last truly positive test I would see before that fateful day. 

I have a keepsake box of all things related to Baby July. If I ever begin to doubt it truly happened, I can look back.

Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet Baby. Until I see you again, momma.

Until next time, friends

Monday, July 21, 2014

It Works! Satisfied Clients!

I will be adding to this! I just had this idea to put them all together!

Until next time, friends

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My No Poo Journey: 4 Month Update

Since it's nap time, I figured it was time for a No Poo update!

It's been almost 4 months since I began my No Poo Journey and here I am, STILL loving it! Since beginning, I have no used anything other than a Baking Soda and Water mixture to wash followed by a White Vinegar and Water mixture to condition! My hair is full of life, soft and very easily managed. 

I'm at the point now where my "updates" are merely a, 'yup, still doing it and still loving it!' There is just nothing really to report! I wash my hair once or twice a week when it's needed. I can go a week without washing it, just using water during my shower to rinse it out and it still doesn't get greasy looking. 

My bank account has really loved me for No Poo as well! 

So, there's my update!

Here's a look back if you've just now found this post:
Week 2
Hey Hey!

Until next time, friends